Crestron Electronics AV Support Group Campaign

 A campaign of funny commercials in New York that details the struggles that AV dealers, integrators and consumers face when dealing with inner demons and substandard technology. Fortunately Crestron has the solution.  

Episode 1 - USB 2.0 Compatibility

In today's session, it's USB 2.0 incompatibility with most network AV systems. Thankfully, Crestron's DM NVX has the solution. You don't have to suffer alone. 

Episode 2 - HDMI Encoder Switching

 How does Crestron DM NVX give you more time to watch football with the guys? Watch and find out.  

Episode 3 - Network Pass-through

A group member learns you don't have to run a ton of extra Ethernet cable to connect a second device at every drop point.  

Episode 4 - Security

Skittish... unnerved by glitches in your system… ghosts in the machines… we feel you.   

Episode 5 - Bed checks

Ken has a new tech support professional in the office. 

Episode 6 - Scheduling

Changing room scheduling software can have unexpected and haunting consequences – unless you have Crestron. 

Episode 7 - Local HDMI Input

It's a life-changing moment for one group member when he learns Crestron's DM NVX lets you connect a second local source to your network AV system without adding more cables and bulky components.