Steve W. Thompson is a producer, and Emmy award-winning editor for his work at PBS.

In addition. Steve has edited and produced content for Al Jazeera America, MSNBC, and was an assistant editor on the feature length documentary "The Diplomat," which debuted at The Tribeca Film festival and aired on HBO in 2015.  He continually works as a freelance videographer and editor for various companies and clients.

Just Wrapped a Film about Hip Hop in Cuba

Hip Hop: Esta Vivo En Cuba is a film that provides a glimpse into the Cuban Hip Hop scene at a moment of uncertain change between the United States and Cuba. Hip Hop as a global movement can be a platform for Cuban artists. The Normalization process would help empower the Cuban hip hop community, enabling them to have a voice during a time of diplomatic tensions. This normalization process is now being threatened with our current administration. 

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