Scott coscia - line producer


Scott Coscia's path into the film industry was not the most conventional. His original career was in law enforcement as a member of the NYPD. After retirement he was a bodyguard for the rich and famous until he finally decided to make the leap and follow his dreams. Shortly, he became the Associate Producer of the syndicated celebrity talk show Who's On Deck.

In addition to Who's on Deck he has worked on such shows as Shark Tank, Ink Master and Minute to Win It. After television he went back into films, this time drawing from his law enforcement background and martial arts training he landed jobs doing jobs like weapons specialist, stunt coordinator, and special effects. 

Recently Wrapped Filming on Ghosts in the Graveyard

The film starred Kelli Berglund (Now Apocalypse), Jake Busey (Stranger Things) and Royce Johnson (Daredevil).

Once Fought a Bear on Screen

This is true.